Rules For Art Competition

1/ All entries must be between the age of 2-15

2/ All drawings/paintings must feature a character from the Inca Book Series

3/ In the event of a tie, we will give both winners the prize offered

To enter the competition, firstly you must do your drawing/panting that features one of the characters from the Inca Book Series. Then take a snap shot of your work. You then go to this PAGE  Press the upload button to upload your snapshot,

fill in your name, email address (So we can contact you) Age, agree to the rules. and press send. Your art will then be displayed, once the competition starts, people can then vote on their favourite art by means of a 5 star voting system. you can share the page to your social media and get friends and family to go to the competition page to vote on all entries. The one with the highest votes WINS!