Take A Peek @ My Family:


I am a Siberian kitty, and we Siberians are a pretty good-looking bunch.

I am the natural leader of the Troupe.

There are several reasons for this.

After all,

  • I am the eldest and the BIG sis of the furry pack!
  • I am a super smart kitty!

I bet you, you wouldn’t find any kitty smarter than me, even if you swam all the way to China. Mom does not know it, but I AM the TOPSTER around here.


Cara, a Siamese kitty, is my pretty sister.

She is the prissy one in our family.

She is always well-groomed, prim and proper and very attached to Mom.

She is mom’s pet. She can do no wrong in Mom’s eyes and Cara loves to suck up to her. Ugh!


My brother Fromage is a Tabby-cat. Fromage was named after the French cheese he adores, as fromage means cheese in French.

Fromage loves cheese, any type of cheese, period.  He also considers himself a great cheese expert.

Fromage is the mascot of our cheese shop. He goes to the shop with Mom every day. He has built himself a following in the cheese loving circles of London.


He strongly believes that our cheese shop is a triumph because of him.


Fromage is also accident-prone and in the habit of getting into all types of scrapes. If you find something broken in our household, you can bet your


bottom dollar that Fromage was behind it!



Charlotte is a Roborovski dwarf hamster and Fromage’s best buddy.

She had met Fromage in our cheese shop in Paris and decided to come with us to London.

Charlotte is devoted to Fromage despite the number of pickles he gets himself into. I don’t understand this friendship between Fromage and Charlotte.  Charlotte is intelligent and sharp. Whereas, Fromage is??? Well, Fromage is Fromage.

Fromage likes to yap non-stop and Charlotte likes to listen. This may be the main reason why they are good friends.

Fromage gets jealous if anyone tries to become too friendly with Charlotte.



Mom is a humanoid jointly owned by us.

The humanoids call her Missy, but she is Mom to us kitties.

Mom runs our cheese shop. The cheese shop is situated in the heart of Kensington. It is modeled on our successful cheese shop in Paris.

We let Mom get away with thinking that she owns us when it is us kitties who actually own Mom.

Our world revolves around Mom but she has a bee in her bonnet about things that we kitties never care a toss about:

  • Our food

Our diet is carefully controlled by Mom much against our wishes.

No amount of twirling and meowing around her feet can change her mind when she prepares dinner. Even looking at her with adoring eyes gets us nowhere.

Drat!!!!  Drat!!!! & Treble Drat!!!