Take A Peek @ My Family:


I am a Siberian kitty, and we Siberians are a pretty good-looking bunch.

I am the natural leader of the Troupe.

There are several reasons for this.

After all,

  • I am the eldest and the BIG sis of the furry pack!
  • I am a super smart kitty!

I bet you, you wouldn’t find any kitty smarter than me, even if you swam all the way to China. Mom does not know it, but I AM the TOPSTER around here.


Cara, a Siamese kitty, is my pretty sister.

She is the prissy one in our family.

She is always well-groomed, prim and proper and very attached to Mom.

She is mom’s pet. She can do no wrong in Mom’s eyes and Cara loves to suck up 


My brother Fromage is a Tabby-cat. Fromage was named after the French cheese he adores, as fromage means cheese in French.

Fromage loves cheese, any type of cheese, period.  He also considers himself a great cheese expert.

Fromage is the mascot of our cheese shop. He goes to the shop with Mom every day. He has built himself a following in the cheese loving circles of London. 

He strongly believes that our cheese shop is a triumph because of him. 

Fromage is also accident-prone and in the habit of getting into all types of scrapes. If you find something broken in our household, you can bet your

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