Diary of a Snoopy Cat

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Ninja Spy Cats

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Inca the Siberian kitty and her furry detective team are entangled with international spies in this exciting new animal mystery. Inca the super detective is after the mysterious shadowy Ninja Spy Cat. In addition, Fromage, Inca’s brother is spotted performing superb acrobatic somersaults in the Kensington Park. Was that really Fromage? Enjoy the wonderful and colorful illustrations of Inca and her purry family and furry friends as they are faced with another mystery. The antics of Inca & Company will surely make you turn the pages in glee!

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Cats in Provence

The third in the Inca Book Series ‘Cats in Provence’ finds our super cat detective embroiled in the world of Art thieves. Inca and her family are awakened in the night by a disturbing phone call. Someone has stolen a painting from Aunt Florence! Now Missy and the cats must go to Provence to help find the culprit and get back the stolen painting before opening night at the art exhibit. They’ll need all the help they can get to recover the painting and clear http://www.cheapativanpriceonline.com Aunt Florence’s name. Inca will have to call on her friends, old and new, to help solve this case. But when the case gets more confusing, will they still find the culprit? Or is Inca in over her head? Read all about the tantalizing tale of Inca and Company solving a mystery in Provence, France.

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Christmas Cats

R.F. Kristi’s Christmas Cats, Volume 2 of the Inca Book Series, follows The Cats Who Crossed Over from Paris, Volume 1 of the series. Life turns interesting when the neighborhood tough dog—Boss—comes around asking for help. Another mystery to solve with the help of their neighbors…

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The Cats Who Crossed Over from Paris

In R.F. Kristi’s The Cats Who Crossed Over from Paris, Volume 1 of the series, Inca, a Siberian puss, tells the story of her furry family—her brother Fromage, who is addicted to cheese and considers himself a cheese monger, and her sister Cara, a gorgeous but timid Siamese…

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