Children’s literature is the most diverse area of English Literature. It stretches across every genre imaginable: Poetry, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Mystery and even Horror. When Googling top ten lists or exploring for new books for your children to read, you are presented with a strange chimera of old classics from the Victorian period, like Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince and Other Tales and contemporary best-seller like Harry Potter by J.K Rowling.

This goes to show that the relationship between literature and children is special, and here’s why:

Family Tradition

I have gotten excited over, and seen other parents burst with enthusiasm, when they discuss the books they are going to read with their children—as they cherish the memory of their parents reading it to them.

It’s not just a story but a treasured memory, a sacred family tradition that is passed down. It is a tradition that not only lets us bond with our child, but it also teaches the values of our society and the history of our culture.

Unbridled Imagination

There is no other genre in English Literature that has the same energy or capacity for pure imagination. Even adult Fantasy and Science Fiction books struggle to keep up the unbridled imagination and awe-inspiring worlds and magic that a children’s book creates. There is no better genre to lose yourself in. Once you enter, there are no rules to hold you down.

There is nothing more pleasing than to see your child inspired by this and enthralled in the imagery of his imaginary world when playing. Every author I can think of has been inspired to create something they read about in their youth.

Lifetime Bond

As the other reasons suggest, there is usually a lifetime bond between the books we resonated with as a child. How many times have you found yourself thinking or revisiting a childhood favourite? It’s a special bond that only exists with children’s literature.

The Reason Children’s Literature is so special

So, that’s why the relationship between literature and children is so special. It is more than words—it’s history, it’s culture, it’s family time, and it’s the gateway to creation.