Reading is a mental exercise that helps develops the brain. Studies have shown that children who read for pleasure do better in all areas of academia. Neuroscientists have conducted many studies to explore exactly how reading strengthens and develops the brain.

How does reading develop the brain?

MRI studies on the brain show that readers have a greater capacity for empathy. By reading stories, you place yourself in the shoes of and sometimes in the minds of different characters. This exposes you to new ways of thinking and new concepts. This is particularly important for children as it allows them to build a framework to cope with situations they have not experienced in real life. It also gives them the ability to understand the needs and thoughts of other children, and this allows them to make more friends.

Other studies suggest that readers are better at communicating. By reading, they are exposed to more words, and this expands their vocabulary and in turn gives the reader a greater pool of concepts and ideas to draw upon when expressing their own ideas. Studies