Reading is important for children because it has a profound effect on all areas of development. Some of the benefits include:

Promotes Brain Development

Reading is like a workout for the brain—it stimulates brain development. Many studies have shown a direct link between reading and better grades in school because kids who read are generally better at thinking critically and making decisions. Reading builds neurons, strengths the visualization of centers of the brain, and creates greater connectivity and communication between brain cells. So reading is important because it helps your child develop mentally.

Improves Social Skills

Children who read are better listeners, better at communicating their feelings, and better at expressing ideas. They are generally more empathetic and understanding. If your child reads they will improve these traits and in turn be better at making and maintaining friendships throughout their life.

Broadens Cultural Skills

Books are a gateway to culture and ideas. Most books will expand a child’s knowledge beyond the world they reside in. This not only expands the child’s concepts about the world, but it makes them more tolerable and understanding of differences in others. It also them to real-world debates in a contextual setting, invoking them to think critically about the real issues in society.

Promotes a Lifetime Habit of Reading

By creating a fun routine of reading early in childhood, it is more likely that a child will keep this routine in adulthood. Reading can provide a form of escapism that is ideal for coping with stress and so you are establishing coping mechanism for your child early. Different books will resonate better and provide strength to individuals as they experience hard times.

It’s Fun

The most important reason of all: reading shows a child just how fun it is to use their imagination and indulge in worlds of silliness. Magical worlds also train people to ask the question: What if? This is a question that leads to the greatest of invention.

So Reading is Important for Children!

This is just a very general overview of the impact reading can have on a child. Reading has a very positive impact on your children and will lead to life-long habits that aid in a healthy, happy life.